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The villa is lies in the Brca neighborhood, 600 meters away from the beach in the Sutomore resort. The resort is very popular because of its sandy beaches, lush vegetation and probably the most stable weather.

Sutomore resort is also renowned for its' 2 km long beach. A wide range of hotel networks are located here, beautiful sandy beaches and a unique environment which simply draws one to walk around. The famous beach is a sought after destination during the summer, very appreciated by tourists and, otherwise being a favorite place of youth from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro.

Amongst the most spectacular beaches is Sutomorska beach, approximately 1250 meters long, the Gold Coast Beach with golden sand and finally the Red Beach taking after the colour of its' sand. It is a very beautiful and romantic beach, encircled by a dense coniferous forest. On this beach you can find bars and restaurants. On the entire Barska Riviera a multitude of restaurants, cafes and discos are to be found where the pleasant summer atmosphere reigns and the people are renowned for the hospitality they provide.

If you reach Sutomore you must surely visit the double altar, both for the Catholic and Orthodox masses at the St. Tekla Church. You could take a very pleasant trip to the Ratac peninsula, where you can find find plenty olive orchards and coniferous next to the ruins of the Benedictine temple, the so-called Red Beach, which really is red - with red stones and water pebbles which look as if the sea would be red. Nothing could be more charming for a lovers' couple.

The Red Beach is by far not the unique. There are many small and remote beaches like the almost 1 km long Zlatna Obala, whose sand helps treat rheumatic afflictions.

For those seeking a holiday full of night fun, Sutomore is the ideal destination, despite the fact that some of the restaurants, cafes and discos can be found here too.


villa location
Sutomore is a small renowned resort from the Barska Riviera, located in the Sutomor Bay, only 6 km away from the town Bar, on the Adriatic Coast, with a population of 1827 inhabitants.


sutomore climate
The Rumijie Mountains shield this resort from bad weather and unfavorable meteorological phenomena.
It very rarely rains in the summer, and almost never in June, July and August, and it never freezes nor does it snow.

General interest

general interest
Sutomore is heaven for those who are romantic and for families who want to have a quiet seaside holiday, with trips in nature.


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